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gloom/bloom? Empty gloom/bloom?

Post by ger7 on Thu Aug 13 2015, 10:41

I dont understand what happens and have no idea how to escape?


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gloom/bloom? Empty Re: gloom/bloom?

Post by MASI576 on Fri Aug 14 2015, 00:26

Its easy, almost the same as a lock

so, only captains are able to get bloomed, when that happens, their captain ability wont work anymore (for 1 or 2 turns normaly)
you can use the unit like always, but the captain ability dont work, so you dont get 2,5x ATK or more important (for me) the captain with 2xHP and 2xATK dont work anymore... so you can lose very much life...

As I know, there is no way to escape, later there will be characters who reduce the turns...

I hope I could help a bit and sorry for my english Wink

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