Rayleigh/G3 Friends

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Rayleigh/G3 Friends

Post by OedipusXO on Wed Sep 30 2015, 22:13

Level 92, LF more Rayleigh friends. My captains are Boa, Mihawk and occasionally Crocodile

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Re: Rayleigh/G3 Friends

Post by Straw Hat Nakama on Wed Sep 30 2015, 22:38

And what is your Friend ID?

I have Rayleigh 6* lvl 55 and 6*Boa Hancock lvl MAX.
I also have Whitebeard lvl 68.

Mihawk is soon MAX. he is currently lvl 88.

Currently using Ace to make Absalom Dungeon.

My Pirate Lvl: 161
My ID is: 734,942,908

Straw Hat Nakama

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