Looking for *5 vivi, ASAP! Have good captains

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Looking for *5 vivi, ASAP! Have good captains

Post by Nectaria on Sat Dec 05 2015, 05:42

Hey, so for the last 3 months i barely played just got the gems from events so since im planning to come back into the game im not totally prepared for garp event since i missed it last time.

Im looking for *5 vivi, lvl 50+ for the event.

Worth characters currently in my possession are:

*4 Mihawk
*5 Log luffy
*5 3rd gear luffy
*5 Captain Kid
*5 Flintock pistol Izo.
*5 Sengoku
*5 Massacre soldier killer
*5 Big eater Jewerly bonney
*5 Vista
*5 Red Flag x Drake
Almost *5 Marco
*5 Morning Star Rakyuo.

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