S. Killer/kuma/law/garp/jozu friends

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S. Killer/kuma/law/garp/jozu friends

Post by Senketsu95 on Thu Dec 10 2015, 00:03

Hi all,

as you can see in the title, that are the main cpt. i'm looking for. I'm espacially looking for Killer friends. But i will probably add all who ask me^^

My cpts are currently:
Killer lvl 51 uev.
Law, lvl 50 uev.
Kuma lvl 28 ev.
Garp lvl 15 ev.
Jozu lvl 55 ev.

cpt. units i evolve next (probably in this order):
Killer -> Law -> Blackbeard or Urouge -> Marco/Thatch/Apu

Other cpts. i use occasionally or by special islands:
3* Atk bossters: Marco, Apu, Thath, Moria(ev.)
2* Atk + RCV: Blamenco(ev.), Izo(ev.), Bonney(ev.), Curiel(ev.)
Atk + Hp boosters: Blackbeard, Zorro(ev.), Urouge
Zombies/Tanks: Pell(ev.), Lion song Zorro(ev.+uev.)

That's basicly it and I hope you will add me^^



ID: 176,346,059
Name: Senketsu

uev.: unevolved
ev.: evolved

P.s. I know it's probably obvious, but I'm still gonna quote it: I'm playing on Global (Only so there are definitly no confiusens^^).


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