(JPN) Myst's Japan Friend Thread XD

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(JPN) Myst's Japan Friend Thread XD

Post by Mystogan on Sat Jan 02 2016, 07:53

Okay, today i started the japanese version on a new account, and went pretty lucky with my pulls, I'm gonna update this thread all the time 

ID: 969695343

My current captains:

Gear3 5*
Boa Hancock 5*
Log Luffy 5*
Baby 4*

I'm playing with baby5 atm, because of cost issues, but 6* on the way, get your exclusive spot in my Friendlist

to avoid a friendlist full of inactive accounts, i'm gonna keep the inactive limit at 3days for now

Captains: (global) 
sorry to many now
all 2.5 atk and 2xhp&atk leads (max level or close to max) all raid bosses
Just ask for ID


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