LF Anyone Active!

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LF Anyone Active!

Post by Trafalgar_Kaizoku on Sat Nov 19 2016, 08:20

I play almost every day but usually several time a day. My main Captains are:
Log Luffy Max
SW Shanks Max
SW Ace Max
I sub out the other 5 all the time with tons of captains that I am continuously leveling up and changing including:
Kid, Diamante, Ichi Zoro, Lion Zoro, Green Mihawk, Green Doffy, Green Law, Caeser, Blue Ace, Blue Eneru, Ideo, Yellow Marco, Garp, Vista, Purp Ivankov.
I always use my gems for Sugofest and try to kill every Raid boss, Let's do it together!

150 Plvl, Planetary Collapse

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Re: LF Anyone Active!

Post by ZeroNorrath on Thu Dec 15 2016, 01:46

Added you!
I'm currently doing missions so if you see Johnny or Yosaku as Captain, don't get scared.

OPTC Global: 374 057 008

- Gear Third Monkey D. Luffy (LV MAX)
- World's Strongest Swordsman Hawk Eyes Mihawk (LV MAX)
- I have Yosaku and Johnny if needed for missions.

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