LF Friends, PLvl 235

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LF Friends, PLvl 235 Empty LF Friends, PLvl 235

Post by Trafalgar_Kaizoku on Sat Aug 05 2017, 22:47

Planetary Collapse ID: 948,585,300
My main 7 Captains are:

Quad Max Log Luffy
Quad Max SW Shanks(-1 Skillup)
Triple Max Rosinante(1 skillup, 100Recovery CC)
Double Max SW Ace (1 skillup, 35 attack CC)
Quad Max Raid Doffy/Trip Max Raid Mihawk(no CC)
Max Exp Trafalgar
Max Haruta

I rotate my 8th for any random special team composition I need. I have near Double Max Bartolomeo, Max 3DY2 Luffy, Near Quad Max Raid Enel, Max Int Brook, and most Raid bosses with varying skillups.

F2P, pull every Sugo looking for new legends. I log in every day, multiple times.

Looking for ACTIVE players, PLvl 175+, hopefully some combination of these Captains as your main.


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