Looking for high level players

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Looking for high level players

Post by Budino94 on Fri Jan 08 2016, 04:43

Hi, I'm looking for high level players with high level Captains.
My captains (always powered up) are:
Chopper lv53;
Bartholomew Kuma lv50;
Blackbeard lv65;
Roronoa Zoro (Lion's Song) lv43;
Roronoa Zoro (Ashura Ichibugin) lv59;
Mihawk lv Max;
Doflamingo lv22;
Trafalgar Law lv58;
Portgas D.Ace lv64;
Jozu lv61;
Ivankov lv41;
Jimbe lv50;
Sengoku lv47;
Shanks (Red-Haired) lv83;
Garp lv49;
Urouge lv44;
Franky (Dismantler) lv50;
Crocodile (slasher) lv41;
Buggy lv Max;

My id is: 143,348,474


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