Selling QUAD LEGEND Global Account (Lluffy/Inthawk/Boa/Marco)

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Selling QUAD LEGEND Global Account (Lluffy/Inthawk/Boa/Marco)

Post by whitemage180 on Tue Jul 05 2016, 12:57

I'm Selling this account with 4 legends (Boa/Marco/Inthawk/LogLuffy) and powerlevel 259 with 5Gems and 630 Box Space.
Have a lot of max/nearmax lvl characters.
The characters i have max level special are:
Jimbei, QCK lucci, Garp, GPUsoop, coby, Mr 2 , towel nami, Vista, Basil, Slasher Croc, Mirage tempo Nami, MR3.Alvida, Dungong, MR1 Str, ironfist fullbody, Ashura Zoro, ,mihawk, Doffy, Perona, DoubleFinger, Bellami

Almost NearMax Characters:
MChopper (lvl11), 
Bepo (lvl10) 
BlackBeard (lvl14),
Law (lvl8)
Jozu (lvl6)
Ivankov QCK (lvl8), 
QCK Enel(lvl10)
Kaku QCK (lvl4)
QCK Croco (lvl8),
PSY Marco( lvl9),
Heracles (lvl8)

Also have all ships available with 600 colas left, Mobydick Maxed, Sunny maxed, navy maxed, coffin maxed, gomerry maxed.
PM ME your offers or tell them here. Thankyou
Thank you.

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Also Looking for a fresh Double Legend Account.


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Re: Selling QUAD LEGEND Global Account (Lluffy/Inthawk/Boa/Marco)

Post by Crocoboy on Sat Jul 09 2016, 15:15



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